Involve users at the heart of your brand,
share your story during a Live Video Shopping

an innovative solution in a rapidly growing market: social shopping

You create your videos, we take care of the conversion

Track your sales with our analytics reports linked to your videos

Because the tools available today on videos do not integrate a direct payment system allowing purchases from viewers, Dailylive improves the user experience with our Live Video Shopping solution.

Dailylive is a powerful communication tool, improving the current E-commerce solution: livestreaming.

Broadcast live or in replay, on your website or on your social media channel from our platform, Live Video Shopping allows you to SELL your products INSTANTLY from your video.

How it works ?

Record or import your data on Dailylive

  • Integrate/sync your products catalogue
  • Record or import your videos from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or Vimeo

Broadcast your videos shopping on your website

  • Display as many videos linked to as many products you want
  • You can also launch a Live simultaneous on Facebook,  YouTube or Twitch

Interact with your community

  • Tell them the story about your brand and products
  • Chat and interact with shoppers in real time

Sell your products instantly

  • Every viewer can see your product detail and purchase it without leaving your video with Dailylive

See how it works

Learn how easy it is to get started, Live Video Shopping. Connect with our team to schedule a demo.

What devices can I use to launch Live Video Shopping?

Just need a smartphone and a good wifi connection nothing else.
However, we recommend that you beeing assisted with a second person to check that everything is fine and moderate the chat if necessary.

Which format video can I import?

We offer you several solutions to let you create your video shopping channel on Dailylive :
1. Import your videos from your Youtube or Vimeo channel.
2. Import your videos from your social media Facebook, Instagram and Twitch.
3. Get your Livestream replay.

Which différence between Video shopping and Live shopping?

The video shopping is already recorded in order to be reused as many times as you want on all of your online marketing channel. The advantage is that you can create a video shopping and keep it as long as your product is available for sales.

The live shopping is broadcast live for an ephemeral or special event with a targeted audience (private or public). The advantage is that you can engage with shoppers in real time and drive sales instantly.

I don't know how to make live video shopping. Can you help?

Absolutely yes, DailyLive drive all our members for their first Live shopping to provide you with all the recommendations necessary for success. We can also propose an advanced training* in Video Shopping sales techniques recognized as a best seller in the United States where we graduated. This training* is great for seller who wish to do perform their Live at a high level of success!
You can also ask a KOL to promote your Live. Contact us